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The basic points of floor refinishing

Hardwood floors have become the most popular way of flooring. It is being considered the symbol of class and is very trendy. That is why these floors are also costly. There are different types of wood that are being used for floors according to their quality and prices. If a floor is costing you a big amount, you should be sure that it will remain undamaged for a very long time and have the power to bear almost anything. Refinishing hardwood floors is important and required time to time if you really want the floor to last until its actual wearing time. There are many companies, which can help people in refinishing the floor if they do not have time to do it by themselves. If people have enough time, they should do it on their own and save money. There are some situations in which it is not right of people to try the refinishing on their own.  for example if the nails, which are under the floor and getting visible. If the floor does not have a very thick coating, sanding can wear the whole floor.

The preparations of the process take much more time than the actual process. You will need lots of things to start with such as pry bar, utility knife, nail set, power floor sander, flat-head screwdriver, edge sander, power floor buffer, hammer, industrial-grade vacuum cleaner, plastic sheeting, stiff, wide-blade putty knife, box fan, hearing protection, polyurethane floor sealant, large lamb’s wool paint/stain applicator, painter’s tape, 4″ Chinese bristle brush, breathing protection, box fan, work gloves, pliers and safety gloves.  Many of these things will be present in the house and if not you can purchase them from a hardware store.

The old floor will need to be removed. If you are not going to reuse the wood than there is nothing to worry if it breaks down during the process. To remove the modeling and trim, you will need a wide-blade putty knife and a pry bar. These can be reused if they are in good condition. The floor down the wood will have a lot of dust, which will have to be cleaned as much as possible. Remove the nails, which can harm your hands or sand papers. Put the new floor and send it at least two to three times properly and with powerful hands to place it on the space. After that, the floor will need to be cleaned properly.



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